Reducing energy consumption saves money and helps protect the environment. Installing energy efficient equipment, adjusting heating and cooling settings, and making changes to routine practices will reduce spending on utilities and may also increase employee comfort. Even if you don't own your building there are still plenty of opportunities to cut energy waste.

Upgrade equipment

  • Switch to LED lighting.
  • Buy energy efficient equipment - Purchase Energy Star qualified products or have equivalent energy conservation certifications.
  • Replace refrigerators more than 10 years old.

Track and monitor energy use

  • Watching and tracking metered energy usage can assist your business in improving energy conservation over time. 
  • Join Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Encourage employees to take action

  • Turn off lights when space is unoccupied or when daylight is sufficient.
  • Ensure all printer/copiers are switched off or set to sleep mode during non-business hours.

Renewable energy