Waste and Recycling

In Clark County, just over 50% of our total garbage is from commercial sources, but much of the waste we send to the landfill is actually recyclable and compostable.  Rethinking waste is an important part of greening your business. 




Conducting a waste audit is the best way to determine what your business is throwing away and identify where improvements can be made. Even businesses with recycling programs already in place can be surprised by what their first waste audit reveals. Your first audit will help you set your waste composition baseline, and it is recommended that you conduct an audit at least annually to track your recycling and waste reduction progress. 

Waste audit form

Waste audit instructions


EPA's Waste Reduction Model:  A way to track and compare your waste management practices and other scenarios.

ResourceFULL Materials Exchange: Re-using material is the best way to divert waste; benefit from exchanging material that would otherwise be waste. The ResourceFULL Use Participants List s a great resource to find free, useful material. Here, anyone in the community can post, browse, and arrange meetings to pick up "waste" materials they'd like to use. You can find anything and everything: from pallets to beakers and everything in-between. 


Danielle Womble - Waste Connections, Inc (360) 449-8393

Sarah Keirns - Clark County Green Business (360) 397-2121 ext. 4300

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