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Business leaders in Clark County are changing the way they think about waste by separating their food scraps from their landfill waste so it can be diverted for local composting. Waste Connections partners with Dirt Hugger to transport Clark County's business food scraps to Dirt Hugger's composting facility in Dallesport, Washington. At Dirt Hugger, food scraps are turned into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

All businesses have the ability to participate in this program. These businesses are already signed up and keeping food waste from the landfill.

Here are three easy steps to get started.

Step One: Set up the collection service

Contact Waste Connections at (360) 892-5370 or to set up the collection service at your site. A waste reduction specialist will work with you and provide all the information and resources you'll need to ensure the new program is successful. Their flexible pricing and pick up schedules allow you to get the service that you're business needs. 

Step Two: Designate your containers

Make the process of separating food scraps from garbage and recycling simple and efficient by setting up disposal areas with clearly labeled containers. Waste Connections will pick up the food waste from a cart that you place alongside your recycling and garbage containers on the exterior of your building.  


Step Three: Educate staff

Contaminating food scraps with non-food materials can be a big problem, so it is important that all employees know what is acceptable to throw in the container for food scraps. In Clark County, only food trimmings and Waste Connections will provide trainings and signage to help with the learning process, but in general, "if it grows, it goes," and "when in doubt, leave it out!" A list of accepted materials and a list of common contaminants is available here. 


Why participate?

Diverting food scraps from the garbage helps decrease the amount of materials going to landfills, while simultaneously creating a marketable soil remedy that improves the biological, chemical and physical properties of dirt and can be used in gardening, landscaping, agriculture, and more in lieu of chemical fertilizers.


See the growing list of businesses composting food scraps.

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