With a dream to strengthen the craft beer culture in Vancouver, Mike DiFabio and Mark Doleski created Fortside Brewing Company in the summer of 2015.  Focused on water and energy efficiency, the two incorporated sustainable practices into their brewery right from the beginning.
Fortside’s brewing system is one of the only breweries in Vancouver using steam heat. Their system allows them to capture the steam once it condenses and reheat back into steam.  They also reuse water from the cooling process as the water for boiling the next batch of wort, instead of sending that water down the drain.
In addition to smart water and energy conservation practices, they use efficient LEDs in their refrigerator, tanks, and front-of-house operations.  They also use an electric forklift in their brewery rather than a diesel or gas powered one.
Fortside also takes extra steps to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Their tasting room walls are made of salvaged wood, and spent grains are sent to a local farmer. Mike and his team go above and beyond in their recycling efforts and remove the inner plastic lining of incoming malt bags so they can recycle the paper exterior.