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The Heathman Lodge

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  • Phone: 3608166100
  • Address: 7801 NE Greenwood Drive, Vancouver, WA 98662 - Map
  • Green Features:

    Green/Sustainability Features:

    • The Lodge has fostered an active relationship with our food and non food purveyors. This has resulted in sourcing greener products from beverage napkins and straws to sustainable fish options.
    • We won the "WA State Recycling Association Award" by going from 24 cubic yards of waste per week to 16 cubic yards a 33% reduction - enough garbage diverted to cover a football field 3 feet high!
    • We participate in the We Compost Program. By switching to a compost program, grease pump cleaning was reduced from four times a year to two, resulting in significant monetary savings. 
    • Mt. Hood Chemicals helped develop a system to maximize chemical usage and reduce water in the laundry room. It cut loads from 20 gallons of water to seven - 225,000 gallons of water saved per year!


  • Description: The Heathman Lodge was designed to express the beauty and spirit of the Pacific Northwest. It combines natural beauty, art and hospitality in an atmosphere that is both peaceful and productive. It's built from woods of the Northwest forests and basalt from the ancient volcanic flows of the Columbia River Gorge.