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Aspen Pest Control

  • Website:
  • Phone: 360-859-9090
  • Address: 12104 NE 95th St., Vancouver, WA 98682 - Map
  • Green Features:
    • Vehicles are equipped with spill kits.
    • Electronic filing is done as much as possible. 
    • Copy paper use was reduced by switching to duplex printing and encouraging customers to switch to receive electronic invoices.
    • Office equipment and lighting are turned off overnight.


  • Description:

    Aspen Pest Control is a local Vancouver, WA based company providing both residential and commercial exterminator services to its customers.  Aspen is very proud to be a Clark County Certified Green Business!  The men and women at Aspen take their stewardship to provide sustainable and eco-friendly pest control services very seriously.  Aspen specializes in a comprehensive approach by offering Home Protection Plans to its residential customers and highly customized regular service plans to its commercial customers.  Aspen prevents and controls a large diversity of pests ranging from insects like spiders, wasps, and ants to rodents such as mice and rats.  Whether you’re looking for a one-time service or a regular maintenance program, Aspen has an option to fit every need and budget.