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  • Phone: 3602161098
  • Address: 101 E 8th St., Suite 260, Vancouver, WA 98660 - Map
  • Green Features:
    • Typical law firms have paper files for every client. Law firms are required to keep a client's file for 7 years after it becomes inactive. Our firm strives to be mostly paperless. We request from all opposing parties and counsel that we serve things electronically and if we are unable to do so then we try to walk when making deliveries. We serve things electronically to the court for all pleadings that we are able to. 
    • When clients give us paperwork, everything is scanned into their file and given back to them or recycled. 
    • We do not have paper files for our clients and only print the documents needed for any court appearances that need to be made. 
    • We have recycle bins in three of the personal offices, in the firm lunch room, and in the conference room. 
    • We do not use plasticware or paper plates in the lunch room or for clients; we have dishes and silverware that we wash. 
    • All the lights in the firm except for the front room and adjoining office have timers on them.
    •  If we have court hearings we walk. If we need to drive somewhere for meetings or court then we carpool.


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    Legal services provided at a reasonable rate from a law office that cuts out any unnecessary overhead and passes the benefits of that onto the clients.