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Molecular Testing Labs

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  • Phone: 360-208-0760
  • Address: 14401 SE 1st St., Vancouver, WA 98684 - Map
  • Green Features:
    • Molecular Testing Labs only disposes of what is truly garbage, and they recycle the rest.
    • They took the extra step to contact their recycling vendor about their lab glass and received approval to collect it for recycling. 
    • Packaging material is reused.
    • There are reusable dishes in the break room.
    • Lighting is efficient and only used when needed.
    • Water use is reduced by using low flow toilets. 


  • Description:

    Molecular Testing Labs™ is a CLIA certified and CAP accredited testing laboratory that specializes in the cutting edge field of Molecular Genetics. The science of Molecular genetics uses molecular biology to identify information coded into the Genes of a specific individual and how this information is expressed in that individual. This information includes not only diagnostic information to determine if an individual has a genetically determined disorder, it also provides a way for healthcare providers to assess how each individual will respond to a large number of commonly prescribed medications, supplements and various environmental substances. Molecular Testing Labs is at the forefront of this exciting new field. We offer an efficient and effective way to customize your healthcare and accept most insurance plans. We offer molecular genetic testing of a wide variety of genes that have been identified as having a significant clinical impact.