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Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

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  • Phone: 360-487-1000
  • Address: 2211 NE 139th Street, Vancouver, WA 98686 - Map
  • Green Features:

    Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center was constructed with energy conservation and waste reduction as a priority throughout its design and build:

    • Hospital rooms were designed with day-lighting in mind. On most days, ambient light from outside is sufficient enough to allow significantly reduce the use of artificial light.
    • Green Design and Ongoing Reduction of Energy Usage: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center has partnered with Clark Public Utilities and the NW Energy Efficiency Alliance to review building operations and conducted a “building tune-up” in 2012.
    • 15 to 20 projects are currently being studied and evaluated. Reduced site energy use per sq./ft. by 3% year over year (electric and natural gas).
    • Projects implemented in 2012 produced over 1 million kWh in annual energy savings.
    • Energy and Water Efficiency Program - participant in Clark Public Utilities Green Lights renewable power purchase program. The program reduces impacts on the environment, conserves resources for future generations and contributes to improved air quality.
    • Parking structure lighting upgrade - all of the 150 watt metal halide fixtures were replaced with T-8, high performance, fluorescent fixtures. Also, photo cells were added to the parking structure allowing lighting in certain portions to be automatically turned off when ambient daylight is sufficient to light the area. These upgrades have reduced the energy consumption by more than 50%.
    • Medical Office Building lighting panel rewiring - cycles more lights off during late hours. Motion sensor technology reduces waste of energy used to light areas that do not require lighting.
    • Implemented energy use measurement and monitoring systems (Energy Expert, PowerLogic, sub-metering) with assistance and funding from Clark Public Utilities.
    • Upgraded Halogen lighting in hospital conference rooms and lobby areas to LED lighting. This provides much cooler operation and less energy consumption.

    Additional green practices: 

    • Installed publicly accessible electric vehicle charge stations - 2 stations totaling 4 charge connections. Supports alternative methods of commuting used by community members.
    • Collects food waste for composting.
    • Offers professionally designed healing gardens, designed for patients, staff and families to enjoy, embracing the proven effects of nature as an aid in healing.
    • 9,100 gallons of fryer oil from the main kitchen and retail areas is collected per year to be turned into Biodiesel.
    • Collects car seats for recycling. Volunteers break down the seats into their component parts, which are sent out to various recyclers, keeping these bulky items from the landfill.
    • Adopted a 2 mile stretch of Interstate 5 just south of Ridgefield, and with over 40 employees and volunteers collected over 100 bags of garbage in 2 clean-up events.

  • Description:

    Medical Center and physician offices