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Tetra Pak Materials LP

  • Phone: 360 693-3664
  • Address: 1616 W 31st Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 - Map
  • Green Features:

    Tetra Pak Materials LP, Protects What's Good - their products and what goes into them, their employees and their families, their customers and the environment where we all live and work.  Vancouver facility's specialty is gable-top packages of all sizes for milk, juice, and other liquid and food products.  The 158 employees of the 175,000-square-foot plant in the Fruit Valley area are encouraged to embrace change both to help the planet and to further drive down costs. It envisions a future in which environmentally aware consumers increasingly prefer its cartons — primarily made of paper — over plastic containers. The company is serious about treading lightly on the earth, because it’s the right thing to do and it makes good business sense.

    As a green business Tetra Pak Materials LP:
    • Maintains an ISO 14001 environmental management system at all of its 42 plants around the world (including Vancouver, WA)
    • Won a Washington State Recycler of the Year award for 2012 for efforts to boost its recycling rate to 98%
    • Composts food scraps to reduce waste to landfill
    • Discontinued watering the lawn to save water
    • Eliminated all tri-chlorinated solvents with greener products
    • Increased energy efficiency to the tune of $20,000 annual saving        
    • Employees volunteer more than 230 hours on company time
    • Host an annual Eco-Day to engage employees on environmental issues
    • Our package is made from 88% paper and 12% plastic making it an easy package to recycle. 
    • We have an active Eco Team ISO 14001 Environmental Pillar full time employee dedicated to ensuring we are meeting or exceding all regulatory requirements and continually employing teams to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Description: We manufacture printed gable top liquid food packaging. Our packages are filled with mostly milk, juice, and food service products. The sizes range from gallon to half pint