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Reverb Rehearsal Studios

  • Website:
  • Phone: 360-213-0465
  • Address: Vancouver, WA 98660
  • Green Features:

    Reverb Rehearsal Studios provides rehearsal space for local musicians.  Since the building is accessable to musicians 24-7, Reverb has done its best to make sure the building stays as energy efficient as possible.

    • Each rehearsal room has a switch to shutdown power to lighting and all the room's outlets.
    • The building has energy efficient T8 lighting.
    • A programmable thermostat keeps the temperature ideal for instruments.
    • Weather stripping was added to the door to prevent heat loss.

    Also, musicians are encouraged to recycle as much as possible, and Reverb offers them glass and mixed recycling.

  • Description: Your own high-security private band rehearsal room. The best security anywhere, complete with climate control for your instruments. Reverb Rehearsal Studios are located in Vancouver Washington USA.