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  • Phone: 360.693.2505
  • Address: 2500 West Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98660 - Map
  • Green Features:

    Going green at Cadet

    1) Community support

    Employees volunteer both during and after work hours, supporting the community and various charities.

    2) Paper reduction

    A focus on limiting paper use resulted in a 60% decrease in paper purchased. Electronic sharing, double-sided printing, printing only pages needed, and duplex copying are a few ways paper usage is minimized.

    3) Lighting system

    High-efficiency fluorescents are used throughout the plant and office, and occupancy sensors and dimming systems are used in the office areas. LEDs are used to light the exterior areas.

    4) Groundwater and gardens

    Organic weed control products are used and rain barrels are installed to irrigate the onsite employee vegetable garden. A rain garden (in a box!) processes stormwater runoff.

    5) Energy use 

    Updated wash tanks and compressed air system reduced power and water consumption. Blocks of renewable energy are purchased through the Clark PUD Green Lights program.

    6) Packaging

    Recyclable cardboard and shredded paper are used as packaging material. Recycled materials are used in cartons. Multi-packs reduce volume of packaging material.

    7) ECO-Paint

    Environmentally friendly ECO-Black Tex® paint is used on Cadet heaters. ECO-Black Tex® paint is made using up to 70% recycled materials.

    8) Refurbishing product

    Gently used products returned to plant are refurbished and put back in stream of commerce. Less material ends up in a landfill and, by extending product life, 85% of the energy that went into the first manufacture is saved.

    9) Recycling program

    Items recycled: Food waste, metal, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, used oil, electronics, ink toners, and plastics. Used chemicals are recycled to prevent water pollution and to consume fewer raw materials. Landfill has been reduced by 60%.

    10) Flex schedules

    Offering flexible schedules to office staff creates more 4-day workweeks, and a 20% reduction in many commutes. Bike racks are available for cyclists.


  • Description: The comfort of your home begins at our home in the Pacific Northwest. Every Cadet heater is designed, developed and manufactured with care at our facilities in Vancouver, Washington, USA. It’s been that way since we started making heaters back in 1957.