Hazardous Materials

Businesses are legally responsible for knowing if any of their wastes are dangerous and how much they generate. It might not be clear if you have dangerous waste in your business, but these wastes are more common than you may think. See Washington Department of Ecology's List of Common Dangerous Materials.

If managed improperly, fluorescent light tubes, aerosol cans, and other products could be dangerous for people and the environment. Is your waste dangerous? Designation is the process of determining if a waste is dangerous.

The amount and type of dangerous waste a business produces and accumulates determines their generator status and which rules and requirements apply. Dangerous waste generators are separated into three categories, based on how much waste they produce or keep on site:

Safety data sheets communicate the hazards of chemical products in a user-friendly, 16-section format. They include the properties of each chemical; the physical, health annd enviornmental hazards, and safety precautions for handling, storing and transporting.

OSHA guidelines require that employers with hazardous materials located onsite provide employees with adequate training and equipment to safely deal with spills. Make sure a spill plan is in place and a spill kit is accessible. A spill kit is a set of equipment used for the removal and clean up of hazardous materials; the contents should be specific to the chemicals used by your business. They might include goggles, gloves, absorbents, neutralizers, or bags. Check out Clark County's Spill Prevention and Clean-Up Plan form and information on spill kits.

Searching for non-toxic alternatives for some of your products? Look for products certified by a third party, such as Green Seal and Safer Choice.

Hazardous Materials Inventory

Certified Green Businesses are required to complete a Hazardous Materials Inventory.

Hazardous Materials Inventory


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