Reducing energy consumption saves money and helps protect the environment.  Installing energy efficient equipment, adjusting settings, and making changes to routine practices will reduce spending on utilities. Even if you don't own your building there are still plenty of opportunities to make improvements.

A main point of contact and reference for resources is Clark Public Utilities.  Contact them for billing analysis, rate schedule reviews, power quality troubleshooting, on-site energy assessments, incentive programs and more.

On-Site Energy Assessment:  offered for free to Clark Public Utilities customers interested in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.  The energy assessment will help you find problem spots and eliminate costly consumption issues. Completing this assessment will help you understand your energy consumption on a yearly basis.  Additional Business Conservation Programs exist on their site as well, including heat pump equipment conversions, compressed air audits, and other custom energy efficiency improvement projects.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting:  incentives for approved retrofit lighting upgrade projects with Clark Public Utilities.

The Clark Public Utilities Green Lights Program funds renewable energy projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. 




Energy Trust of Oregon serves NW Natural customers

Energy Star labels indicate energy efficient office equipment, and the website also offers a tools and resources library with information about building energy management, heating and cooling, lighting, etc.

For a really easy energy use benchmark and performance measurement tool, see Energy Star's Portfolio Manager Quick Start Guide


Bart Hansen, Key Accounts Manager
Clark Public Utilities


For natural gas:
Nicholas Dreves
Energy Trust of Oregon
(503) 568-3324

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