Does your business use hazardous products or generate hazardous waste? How much waste do you have?  Hazardous waste is more common than you may think.  If managed improperly, common materials such as fluorescent light tubes and aerosol cans are dangerous for people and the environment.  The links below will help you better understand your responsibilities for managing hazardous waste and also provide information about reducing risk for employees and using less hazardous products.

List of common dangerous materials  - WA Department of Ecology

Hazardous waste regulations for businesses in Washington

Washington State, Department of Ecology Toxic Hazards

Clark County Recycling A-Z

Toxics Assessment

The first step in working on the toxics assessment is for you and your green team to identify hazardous products and wastes at your business by completing a toxics inventory.  When completed, email it to Jim Mansfield ( at the Clark County Department of Environmental Services. 

During your work on the toxics inventory and assessment, technical assistants are available to answer questions and provide onsite support.

Download printable versions of the toxics assessment, a guide to help complete the assessment, and inventory sheet:

Toxics (PDF)

Toxics inventory (MS Excel)

Toxics Assessment Guide (PDF)



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